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Face to face Consultations & Treatments are Available for:

Osteopathy +/- Acupuncture with Andrew

(as they have been throughout the COVID crisis.)

(Asyra Screening and Fire Cupping with osteopathy may also be arranged with Andrew)

TCM Acupuncture with Jenny


Psychotherapy/Counselling, Reiki & Spritual Healing with Alison

Change in Reception Opening Hours

Mon 14.00-17.00
Tues 10.00-12.00
Wed 09.00-17.00
Thur 14.00-16.00
Frid 09.00-17.00
Sat & Sun Closed

To request an appointment or enquire about a health problem & suitability for treatment

Please email via the Contact page in the menu. Alternatively you can call the Holistic Centre 0151 336 6222 between the above times.

If you are a new patient or haven't attended since the first 'Lockdown', then you will still need to email so we can send our Guidelines for attending.


PPE and full hygeine protocols in place.

You will be asked certain questions before we can book you in and a deposit will need to be paid for new patients on booking.


Notice of Increase in Fees for Andrew from 15/07/21.

Osteopathy +/- Acupuncture & NAET

New Adult £60, Follow-up Adult £45

No Change for Children £40, Follow-up Child £33

(No Change for Aysra 'Allergy' Screening)


With the exception of one week when we closed as a precaution Andrew has continued to work throughout the crisis for those in need. Sometimes just attending for one or 2 patients, we had the appropriate PPE & hygiene measures in place from the outset. As recognised primary healthcare practitioners, osteopaths were given exemption to work throughout 'lock down'. So yes you can consult and be treated (if appropriate) by an osteopath, even when you may not be able to get to see your GP. If it is considered that your problem does require further attention from elsewhere, then we can advise as such and write an appropriate referral letter if needed.

Tel. 0151 336 6222


For Clarity

As regulated primary healthcare professionals Osteopaths have had exemption to continue to work throughout 'lockdown'. So yes you can consult and be treated (if appropriate) by an osteopath, even when you may not be able to see your GP. If it is considered that your problem does require further attention from elsewhere, then we can advise as such and write an approprate referral letter if needed.

Aside from one week when we closed as a precaution I have continued to work since the initial lockdown in March, sometimes coming in for only one or 2 patients. After 6 months, with extended appointment slots, the additional work involved and limited number of people I can practically see in a day I feel that I need to increase the fees to have any chance of sustainability.


Health Supplements

At the front of our centre we have a health food shop where we stock a range of top quality nutritional and herbal supplements (typically not those that you would find in a supermarket), eco friendly toiletries, etc.

As a small local company we can only carry small numbers in stock, but can get most things by next day. We can only guess which supplements & remedies are wanted, so give us a call or pop in and we'll see what we can do!

NB Currently we can only do mail order for gift vouchers and certain supplements.




New Therapies

Tui Na & Fire Cupping


Emma Kemp

Tui Na Tui Na (Twee Nah) is - Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) Massage, which looks at both the physical problem; such as muscular & skeletal issues and other factors that may contribute, such as stress, anxiety, grief, etc.
Using a variety of soft tissue techniques (i.e. rolling, grasping, stretching & pressure points), and joint mobilisation, Tui Na works on the physical, emotional and energetic levels. This is done by working to;

Tui Na can be done through clothing, traditionally done through a cotton sheet or directly on the skin. Sometimes Moxa (a TCM herb) is burnt to warm certain areas, i.e. acupuncture points or channels and fire cupping can be used to disperse congested blood, lymph and Qi circulation.

Tui Na is used in hospitals in China and is actually more popular than acupuncture.

For an Introductory Offer Check our Therapy Special Offers!

Further Info on the Tui Na Page


Therapy Gift Vouchers for those you care about!

Whether it's for a special treat or your just concerned that a loved one is overdoing things and needs a prompt to get help or just relax.

Various denominations available, just call in, telephone and available to order online.

Telephone 0151 336 6222


We have a lot to offer, take a look around!

Information about all our services, therapists & practitioners can be found via the menu above.

Still not sure? Then phone or email to discuss!


All Clients of the Centre recieve a 10% discount on all our Products* - Nutritional Supplements, Herbal & Homeopathic Remedies.

*NB Does not include The Original Alternative CBD oil & related products.


Therapy Rooms to Rent

(With or without full reception services)

Further Details


Who Are We?

The Holistic Centre offers a wide range  of complementary therapies and treatments that are performed by skilled, fully qualified and insured therapists, in a professional, and relaxing environment. We are Wirral's premier holistic health centre and offer the widest range of complementary medicine and holistic therapies in the North West.

Our Mission is to raise both local and global awareness of holistic and complementary therapies and medicine.

We constantly maintain high standards of hygiene and customer service, while maintaining a calming and tranquil atmosphere, to ensure the highest quality of treatment

Quite simply to present a different way of looking at health, a holistic view using a common sense approach of treating the person, rather than a symptom, syndrome or condition.

Been told to live with it?

Often we see clients that say they've been told to "live with it", but with the right treatment and advice many people can improve significantly or fully recover.

If you have a problem and the conventional medical approach has done little to help or guide you, then maybe it's time to look at it a different way and give us a call.

It may be time to try something different!

Browse our pages and see if there is a therapy or treatment to suit you.

All you wanted to know about complementary therapies & alternative medicine and what a holistic / alternative therapist does!


We accept most major credit & debit cards.

There's something for all the family - from the restless / colicky baby, children with allergies to muscular & joint pains of arthritis.


Introducing the New Asyra PRO©
Bio-Energetic Health Screening

Commonly referred to as 'allergy testing', EAV (Electro Acupuncture According to Voll) or Bio-Resonance - the Asyra PRO does much more. Options include food / environmental sensitivities & whole body systems scan. Also, compatibility screening for vitamins, minerals & other nutritional supplements, herbal remedies & able to produce electro-homeopathic remedies.

For those that have ever had a 'sensitivity'/ allergy test with an EDS (Electro Dermal Screening) system (i.e. VEGA test, MORA, BEST, etc), then you'll have an idea of what this is about. This sort of approach is also known as Bioresonance therapy and is based on the long established EAV (Electro Acupuncture according to doctor Voll) system of diagnosis. We have just purchased the very latest EDS system called the Asyra PRO, which incorporates automated screening facilities for issues with;

The results of the screening does not necessarily mean a life time of avoidance.