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Thought Field Therapy - TFT

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TFT is 'the' original tapping therapy to use traditional acupuncture meridian points to help with emotional problems and a wide range of other problems.

Discovered and developed by Dr. Roger Callahan PhD, a Californian clinical psychologist with over 40 years of experience, Thought Field Therapy© (TFT) is a unique form of meridian (energy pathway) therapy. TFT is a new system for the treatment of emotional problems which has its roots in Traditional Oriental Medicine and Applied Kinesiology.

It is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive system aimed at eliminating the cause of negative emotions. Like oriental medical acupuncture it works by tapping into body's energy system to restore a balance of energy flow to alleviate the issue being addressed. This is achieved by addressing specific energy meridian points (acupuncture points) on the body in a precise and defined sequence, without the use of needles.
What's Involved?

Put simply, TFT treatments work like opening a combination lock. You may well know all of the numbers, but unless you apply them in the correct order, the lock won't open. Thought Field Therapist follows a diagnostic procedure to establish the correct code and sequence to treat the person.

Then you will be asked to think about 'the problem' whilst performing a simple tapping procedure on various acupuncture points. There are no needles and it is completely painless. And you do NOT even have to talk about the problem.

Once you have learnt the correct tapping sequence (algorithm) for you , then you can easily do it on yourself any time and anywhere.

It really is that simple!














How is it supposed work?

When we think of a particular problem (such as a specific fear) or situation that we have difficulty with, we generate an individual thought field that may be detrimental to our health. These fields are akin to an electro-magnetic field that is generated around an item of electrical equipment.

According to Dr. Callaghan’s theory, emotional problems are generated by equally specific disturbances in these thought fields, which he describes as “perturbations”. These perturbations are believed be the generating power behind the emotional (and occasionally, physical) signs and symptoms recognised by conventional medicine. Many therapies simply attempt to subdue the symptoms with varying degrees of success, or teach the patient to cope with the problem. Regardless of the outcome of such treatments - the perturbations in the Thought Field (the underlying cause of the problem) still remain. In order to remove these they need to be addressed directly and therefore resolution of the problem itself usually follows.

Thought Field Therapy© is defined as:

"...a treatment for psychological disturbances which provides a code that when applied to a psychological problem an individual is focusing upon will eliminate perturbations in the Thought Field, the fundamental cause of all negative emotions. This code is elicited using a causal diagnostic procedure through which the TFT algorithms were developed."

"This work is not like any other psychological approach. I believe that we have found the basic cause of psychological problems. This underlying cause is unrelated to other previous theories. Unlike a placebo, you don't have to believe in the treatments; as you will see they work even if you don't believe in them!"








What sort of problems could TFT help with?

Fears and Phobias

  • Heights
  • Flying & Turbulence
  • Claustrophobia / Agoraphobia
  • Examination & Interview 'Nerves'
  • Animals & Insects
  • Public Speaking and Social Situations & Occasions
  • Medical & Dental Treatment
  • Hospitals

Addictions & Habits

  • Smoking & Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Over-Eating
  • Nail Biting
  • Obsessive Behaviour /OCD

Emotional Problems

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Grief
  • Bereavement
  • Guilt
  • Anger & Rage
  • Shame
  • Self Sabotage / Negative Behavioural Patterns
  • Embarrassment
  • Trauma
  • Lack of Confidence & Self Worth


  • Pain
  • Jet Lag
  • Reversal of concepts, words or behaviour
  • Abnormal clumsiness or awkwardness

What is TFT?

TFT is a new natural form of healing which deals with the elimination of emotional distress. It works by finger tapping the body's energy meridians at certain points on the upper body. This stimulates it to release the feelings of distress felt by people with fears, phobias, addictions and the many other emotions which can cause deep upset.

It is non-invasive as no needles or chemicals are used and the results can be amazing as emotional problems frequently disappear in minutes.

How was TFT discovered?

TFT was discovered by Roger Callahan PHD of California - one of Americas most distinguished and experienced Clinical Psychologists. After working for 30 years using the conventional tools of his trade he was becoming dissatisfied with the poor results being achieved. He became interested in a complementary therapy called Applied Kinesiology ( A.K. ) which used the body's energy meridians and felt it could help him to be more effective in his work. In 1980 Dr. Callahan was treating a patient called Mary who had an intense fear of water. Knowing that she felt sick in her stomach and that the stomach meridian passed under the eyes he tapped her face under one of her eyes. Instantly Mary's fear vanished and has stayed away to this day.

Dr Callahan knew he had found something very special and has spent all his time since then researching, developing, refining and eventually teaching the technique he calls -THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY ( The Callahan Techniques ). He is still researching and improving TFT

How does TFT work? (As explained by Dr. Colin Barron)

'TFT is based on a new theory about the cause of negative emotions. Conventional medicine assumes the mind and brain are the same and that emotional problems like anxiety and depression are caused by structural or chemical abnormalities in the brain which can only be corrected with drugs.

However for decades there has been an alternative view - that the mind and brain are separate. Dr Callahan believes that the mind is contained in a field which surrounds the physical body in the same way that an electrical field envelops a live conductor. According to his theory, when we think of a problem we tune into a part of this field, called a "thought field". It is rather like tuning a radio into a radio station. Furthermore Dr. Callahan believes unpleasant emotions are caused by negative information patterns which he terms "perturbations". By tapping on the correct meridian points in the right order these perturbations are removed and the negative emotion disappears.'

In effect he has found the healing code to remove the negative information pattern or perturbation from that thought field or memory. Dr Callahan has also found the 'code' for the phenomenon he calls Psychological Reversal. This is the tendency for some people to unconsciously self-sabotage their own recovery, even though they outwardly wish to be free of their problem.

How successful is TFT?

TFT algorithms (tapping sequences) are successful with 80% of clients. By using TFT diagnostic techniques the success rate increases to 95%. The highest success rate is achieved using Voice Technology (V.T.) which is successful with 97% of clients.

Dr. Callahan defines cure as the "total absence of symptoms".

If you are symptom free after a treatment session you are cured. However, if your symptoms return afterwards it is always due to exposure to a toxin, and further work will then be required to identify the toxin before re-treatment.

How many treatments are needed?

Some fears and phobias can be treated in one session. However, other more complex issues would need several sessions.

What will happen at your basic algorithm treatment session?

Working with your therapist you are asked to :-

1.Define your level of distress on a scale of 0 to 10.

2.Think and hold your distressing thought as clearly as possible in your mind. It is not necessary to talk about it.

3.Keeping you thought in your mind you will be led through a sequence of finger tapping on specific meridian points on the upper body and hands. (You do this to yourself.)

4.Re-evaluate your level of distress on the scale.

5.Repeat the tapping as necessary.

By doing this you are activating the Thought Field associated with the problem and releasing the disturbances or perturbations within that thought or memory. This gradually diminishes the distress felt till it is no longer a problem.

You are able to remember the problem - but you have no remaining distress.

TFT Practitioner at the Centre

Jennifer Jones MBAcC


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