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Kelly-Ann Darragh
Reflexologist & Psycho-Social Aromatherapist

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Wirral Aromatherapist & Reflexologist

Kelly-Ann lives on the Wirral, she has always had an interest in complementary and alternative health practices but it was after doing a personal development course as well as seeing a nutritional naturopath that her life really began to change. Seeing the positive results of her own health she knew she wanted to help others do the same. Disillusioned with her work in the social care field she began training in Reflexology and Psycho-Social Aromatherapy. Kelly-Ann trained at a holistic health centre for survivors of trauma in Belfast and has supported clients on their journey helping them cope with life again. The power of touch and the strength and power of the oils have a synergistic effect that really helps to break self destructive patterns of behaviour and move into a healthier and more positive way of living. Through Kelly-Ann’s own personal development and the effective results she has experienced with clients she is passionate and committed in empowering people and supporting them to return to their natural state of balance.

As well as having a BA honours degree in Journalism and English, Kelly-Ann’s Psycho-Social Aromatherapy training was two years in duration, six months of which she worked with individuals affected by trauma in Belfast. In addition to the latter Kelly-Ann’s course required in-depth anatomy and physiology study and compulsory first aid training. The rigorous training doesn’t stop there, to remain p

art of the professional body, (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists - IFPA), that Kelly-Ann is a member of and to enable her to keep practicing she has to carry out twelve CPD points of training every year and follow a strict code of conduct.

As a reflexologist, Kelly-Ann can help you recognise the source of some of your health challenges. Reflexology is a safe, non-invasive treatment that can be used alongside conventional medical care. It has been shown to reduce the side- effects that often accompany cancer treatment such as stress, anxiety, pain and nausea.

Kelly-Ann can also offer Psycho-Social Aromatherapy, a consultation will highlight which three systems in your body need strengthening the most. Medicinal plant essences are then carefully selected to encourage the body’s own inate healing system allowing the body to do its own job properly. As an aromatherapist, Kelly-Ann will also use skills such as, whole body massage, this is a gentle form of massage and acts as an avenue for the oils to enter the body effecting you mentally and physically and empowering you to make positive change. Kelly-Ann is from Northern Ireland but has recently moved to the Wirral. As well as working with people from the Wirral and Northern Ireland she has also worked as a reflexologist in New Zealand. Kelly-Ann is a fully insured member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists.






































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