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Reiki Symbol for Reiki Healing

Everyone has the ability to become a Reiki healer if they are of good intention. Becoming a healing practitioner requires dedication and commitment so it is not something to be taken lightly. Providing they are not abused or misused the Universal Energies will stay with you for life.

There are three main stages that the student may progress through.

The initial step is called 'First Degree' The student is attuned to the Tera-Mai Reiki & Seichem energy and is taught the various hand positions for administering treatments.

Reiki 1 (First Degree) Courses with Lesley

This 1 day course is based on the attunement which opens you up to the Reiki energy.

Once this pathway is established you are able to channel Reiki for the rest of your life using the energy for growth, self development and healing for yourself, your family and your friends.

Once you have been attuned, Reiki will flow through your hands whenever you touch with the intention of healing or helping. Once you have received the first degree attunements, you will have this ability for life. Reiki can safely be used in combination with orthodox medical care and other complementary therapies.

Reiki combines well with many alternative therapies, including Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Kinesiology, and Counselling and will increase their effectiveness and decrease the time required to see positive change. Sometimes people find that with regular Reiki treatments their dependence on medication may be reduced.

You can use Reiki for:
The Reiki I course covers the following:
Practical sessions include:
Each student receives:

Despite having the ability to change your life, the Reiki I course is very relaxing and enjoyable. It usually passes far too quickly.

Reiki II (Second Degree Reiki)

This course is taught in one day and also includes home study and practice with follow up case studies and an individual practical session. The teachings include the Usui Sanskrit Symbols which refine, focus and maximize the energy flow. You will also be taught scanning, beaming and distant healing techniques. The second degree allows you to practise Reiki professionally, but it is also very beneficial for your personal use.

The Second Degree Reiki constitutes a deeper commitment to the Reiki energy. In the Second Degree Workshop you are given three sacred symbols, or keys, each having a specific function. You will receive the Power Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol and the Distance Symbol.

These symbols were put into your aura during the First Degree Attunements. What happens during the Second Degree Attunements is that these symbols are brought into your conscious awareness, enabling you to have much more flexibility in your use of Reiki, in healing and transformation for self and others. The keys, or symbols, help to focus your mind so that Reiki energy can be sent beyond time and space, and much more.

Effects of Second Degree Attunement:

Course Content Includes:
Each student will receive:

Reiki II is a professional qualification enabling you to purchase practitioner insurance.


Course Outline Third Degree 'A Way of Life'

Attunement to the Reiki Master symbol, additional healing symbols and how to use them, 'Psychic surgery' techniques and how to recognise and work with your spirit guides, how to construct a Reiki grid and pyramid of light. You will be given a meditation that harmonises the energy of the chakras and be taught the special breathing techniques required during the giving of attunements. We will discuss the values and attitudes for success as a Reiki Master/Teacher. I offer this Reiki Master level lll (Practitioner and Teacher) instruction, either on 2 separate days or as an intensive, weekend training.

After each attunement there HAS to be a 21 day cleansing process which will be fully explained by your Reiki-Seichem Master.

The above prices include full training and instruction, all refreshments, lunch, a detailed manual, beautifully presented certificate and any other materials needed to complete the course.

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