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Update - 27/11/10

It seems to me quite bizarre that while we can buy large amounts of alcohol, tobacco and enough 'over the counter medicines' to kill ourselves and others (so long as we pay tax on them of course), but heaven forbid that we buy something that might do our health some good!

Don't get me wrong - I'm no saint - I just believe that we should have the right to choose our own poison. And on the matter of poisons - I find it a complete farce that we are having to fight for the right to take what could potentially benefit/ maintain health, when the number of reported adverse effects from nutritional supplements are vastly eclipsed by the number of even a single class of 'OTC medicines' i.e. non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAID's). Not taling into account the known fact that adverse reactions to drugs are hugely under reported via the Yellow Card Scheme. As such they opened it up to the general public a couple of years ago - you may have thought that they might want to tell people about that. It's as if they don't want people to know. I digress.

Yes the EU Directive on Nutritional Supplements has not gone away and the fight is pretty much over bar the shouting. However - I hear that there is a glimmer of hope. With a new government and therefore new health minister, that seems to have taken an interest - there is still hope.

So unless you support this further erosion of human rights, please persist in fighting for your right to buy nutritional supplemnts as you see fit and not be dictated to by the pharmaceutical industry & it's European bureaucrat puppets.

Please go to the Consumers for Health Choice Website

Generally get you self informed, maybe become a Supporter, but most importantly Sign the Petition and write to Commisioner Dalli with your opinion/opposition. There is a sample letter that can be used on there as a template for your own lettter.



Act Now or Lose Supplements!

Dear Friends,

Those of you wishing to have access to safe, natural vitamins and minerals in worthwhile dosages, reading the following is very important as well as urgent. Sadly this is part of a bigger picture, as countless safe, natural remedies are being taken away from us a result of sillier and sillier regulations, many of which are drafted by unelected EU officials in Brussels. To make matters worse, we are paying for the drafting and implementation of this complete nonsense and blatant intereference with our right to make decisions for ourselves through our taxes!

As a result of the Food Supplements Directive more than 300 ingredients must be withdrawn from food supplements as from 1st January 2010 and innumerable products will now have to be reformulated using ingredients that were not the manufacturers first choice.

Next, the Directive focuses on dosages, and an imminent decision is feared that will ban the use of many if not most of the dosages safely and effectively currently employed.
This petition aims to positively influence the approach the European Commission is taking in its efforts to limit the maximum available dosages of vitamin and mineral food supplements across the 27 Member States of Europe.

Risk management methods presently being considered by the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority for the determination of these maximum permitted levels (MPLs) will unjustifiably limit amounts of many key forms of vitamins and minerals used daily by millions of Europeans to support good health.
The Alliance for Natural Health is proposing modifications to the risk management methods to prevent discrimination against food supplements that have been used safely and beneficially in parts of Europe and elsewhere for decades.

Unless the methods are changed, the regulatory measure that is likely to come into force by 2010, could prevent you from obtaining sufficient micronutrients to manage your health properly. For example, there is a risk that the level of beta-carotene may be set at less than that typically found in two carrots, and that for selenium, less than the amount found in two brazil nuts!

Sign the petition now so that the European Commission, European governments, the European Food Safety Authority and Members of the European Parliament are able to hear how you feel about your rights to natural health. Please pass this on to as many contacts as you can in the EU so our voices can be heard loud and clear.
Voting on this petition will also provide public feedback to the Codex Alimentarius Commission with regard to its continuing development of a global guideline on vitamin and mineral food supplements that is modelled closely on the European regime.

You may do so anonymously if you wish, and you can leave comments. Ask your friends to do likewise.