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Metamorphic Technique

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Metamorphic Technique

The Metamorphic technique is about unblocking and re-establishing life-enriching forces in the physical, mental and emotional body. This is through applying gentle pressure in a vibratory fashion to the spinal reflexes which are located in the feet, hands and head. A Metamorphic practitioner does not claim to be a healer, but prefers to be thought of as a catalytic agent who can help to bring about positive changes to a clients life. The metamorphic method is a revolutionary way of looking at life and bringing about positive change to it. It encompasses the theory that during the nine months of gestation the potentials of human life are established. By working on the reflexes of the feet hands and head, this formative period is brought back into focus. Through this energy work the essential life force of the patient releases the energies that were impeded during the prenatal period and setting free the healing processes of the mind body and spirit. This may involve the release of negativity that may be held at a deeper subconscious level, and this will allow the client to have more energy and so bring about self healing.

Athough Metamorphic technique is a relatively modern treatment, and originally presented in the 1960’s as Pre-Natal therapy, it has its origins in ancient well established time honoured traditions of eastern medicine. Thus it follows the use of meridians and reflexes in order to release and balance energies. Robert St John the reflexologist who was the founder of Pre-Natal therapy, and later named Metamorphic technique, believed that we could all metamorphose and become better developed persons. The comparison made is as with a caterpillar. The caterpillar grows, undergoes metamorphosis and develops from a plain grub into a beautiful butterfly.












































































FAQ's for Metamorphic Technique

Do I need to undress?

The client only needs to remove their footwear, and therapy is undertaken in a seated position. A treatment usually lasts for an hour.

Where can I find further information about Metamorphic Technique?

Recommended further reading - The Metamorphic Technique - Principles and Practice by Gaston Saint-Pierre & Debbie Shapiro.




























Metamorphic Technique Practitioner at the Centre

Alison Evans