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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a natural energy therapy, it is not ‘faith healing’ and neither faith in the healing nor having a religious orientation is needed by the recipient. In fact the word ‘Spiritual’ originates from the Latin ‘Spiritus’, which means the ‘breath of life’. All healing uses universal energy, although some healers and recipients choose to believe that there is a divine element involved. Spiritual healers do not use the symbols to initiate healing as in Reiki, but are trained to use an ‘off the body’ scanning technique. This is not to make a diagnosis of health issues, but it does help as a guide to knowing which area of the body needs attention. Healing may be as in Reiki, a top to toe healing, but sometimes a spiritual healer will concentrate only on an area that has a problem for better effect. Of note is that a training in spiritual healing is lengthy and professional, and encompasses a biological as well as spiritual direction, and counselling is very much a part of it.






















Reiki and Spiritual Healing

The word ‘Healing’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘Healan’, and it was deemed important at this time that both the body and spirit needed healing if health was to recover. Reiki and Spiritual healing seem to be the two types of healing that are most familiar to people. Both types of healing recognise that healing is achieved through the flow of energy via the healer to the recipient. Healing given directly to a client can be through a safe ‘hands on’ and non-intrusive method, or by hands held in close proximity to the body for those that prefer, or for problems of a discreet nature. This is called contact healing. The client remains fully clothed at all times, but may remove their shoes if this is acceptable. Healing can be given in either a lying position on a therapy couch, or by sitting on a chair. Whichever is available or preferred. Healing can be requested for an absent person, and in this case healing energy with that person in thought can be directed as a ‘distant’ or ‘absent´ healing.

How can healing help me?

Healing aims to bring about balance to the mind, body and spirit, and bring these dimensions into harmony with each other. A sense of well being can then be experienced. Healing is known to relieve stress, promote inner calm, improve sleeping patterns, develop positive attitudes, enhance personal growth and quicken the body’s natural a ability to heal.

Should I still see my doctor with my health problems?

In our Western culture we have an excellent orthodox medical system, and emphasis is placed here on the fact that healing is complementary to orthodox medicine, and not instead of it. However, more recognition is now given to the idea of holistic health, and so complementary and alternative therapies are becoming better accepted. Indeed during the last decade, and due to public concern, these therapies were debated in the House of Lords in 2000, and Healing was included as being in the framework for safe practice.

What is the difference between Reiki and Spiritual healing ?

Neither healing is better than the other, it is just a difference system of approach.

Reiki Healing is thought to have Japanese origins, and has become more established in the UK in the last 30 years. The interpretation of the word Reiki is that Rei refers to the higher intelligence that allows the universe to function, and Ki is the life force energy that exists and is present in human beings, and animal and plant life. Thus Reiki simply means the universal life-force energy, ie energy that is guided by subtle wisdom. During periods of stress, illness distress, unhappiness, energy (Ki) levels can be diminished. Reiki can assist with re-balancing of the depleted bodily energies. A Reiki practitioner has received an initiation from a Master, and has been taught symbols that assist in accessing the universal energy that is around us, and this is passed on as a therapeutic gain to the client. Reiki healing has focus on the major energy centres of the body, which are called the Chakras, and also on the energy field that exists around the physical body, which is known as the Aura. Popular practice then is for a healer to use the 7 main Chakras and the Aura in a Reiki healing session. Chakras are the energy fields noted as having specific areas from head to foot. The Chakra at the top of the head is the Crown Chakra, and that at the centre of the brow is the third eye. Moving downwards to the Throat Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Solar plexus, the Sacral Chakra (navel), and then finally the Base Chakra,(base of spine).

In recent times other Chakras have been discovered and described, and methods of Reiki such as Karuna and Seichem have been developed. They however are all variants of Reiki.




































































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