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Graham Keating

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After leaving school graham started training in a career as a chartered valuation surveyor. The career offered graham the chance to work in both public and private sector organizations. In 1986 Graham was awarded his MRICS qualification and in 1998 he passed all his financial planning certificates to become an IFA. As time went by, graham realized that he was often chosen to do work where people could be facing unwanted changes and they had strong emotional reactions. His capacity to work with people emotionally meant that he could provide calmness and balance in difficult situations and this could be useful both for individuals and the employers he worked for. Eventually graham decided to utilize his natural ability and enrolled on a psychotherapy training course at Manchester Institute of Psychotherapy. The institute specializes in Transactional Analysis and graham was attracted to this psychotherapy model because it offers people a readily understandable framework for discovering what is at the heart of their current problems and provides a method for promoting healing and growth. After 7 years of training and over 2000 hours of client work graham qualified and became a certified transactional analyst CTA(p). Aspects of the Transactional Analysis model has been adopted by many other styles of therapy including CBT and some aspects of hypnotherapy.

Graham opened a psychotherapy practice in Hope Street Liverpool in 2000 and saw clients from a variety of different backgrounds. Then in 2002 he became a joint Director with a therapist he had trained with and opened a Psychotherapy and Counselling Centre in Chester providing mental health services for a wide range of people and companies providing support for employees. In 2009 Graham became sole Director and expanded the range of services offered at the centre with eight therapists working there using a variety of therapeutic styles and working with individuals couples and groups. In 2016 he ended running the practice preferring to focus entirely on his passion for therapeutic work and writing.

Everyone is different and Graham tailors the therapy to people’s style and needs and keeps the therapeutic work client focused. With over 20 years of experience Graham has a large skill base to draw upon to carry out effective therapy on a wide range of issues. Graham understands that people have different thought process and some people like to talk about past events whilst others prefer to talk about current or future events and others prefer to talk about what’s happened in the past how it effects them now and concerns they may have for the future. There is no right or wrong and whatever you wish to talk about is fine. Coming in to see a therapist can be a big step and graham understands this and can put you at ease so you can focus on the things you need to talk about. The model Graham uses is helpful for many problems whether they be in your relationships or work life or how current or past events are impacting on you now.

Many of us can unconsciously repeat old patterns or strategies developed in our childhood and these can be interfering with our ability to look after ourselves and engage with people and the world now. These can range from not being able to grieve after a loved one passes away to finding ourselves in conflict situations and not knowing how to do anything different. Graham utilizes a variety of methods in assisting people to discover the roots of their patterns and tailors the therapy to the individual. This may mean using traditional psychotherapy or/and other techniques such as regression and visualizations and healing utilizing reiki for example. He also has a program for people to follow if they prefer a learning experience with supporting exercises. Utilizing ways to change our patterns and learning new responses so we can develop a Good Life is at the heart of his work.

Graham is a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists and adheres to their code of conduct.


























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