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Jane Woolley
Medical Herbalist

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I have been involved with the holistic and complementary field from an early age.
Graduating from the from The College of Natural Therapy, I am a full member of the Foundation of Natural Therapy. I trained under Norman Eddie, the respected herbalist and pioneer in the use of nutritional supplements in his practice In the 70’s and 80’s. Norman Eddie was responsible for the introduction into the UK of many of the different products we now all take for granted. He was the founder of the award winning company Nutri.

I am also a registered member of the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners (URHP) who are members of the EHTPA (European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association.

I work in cooperation with, rather than in opposition to conventional medicine, and will refer clients to a doctor or another health care professional if indicated. Working holistically, I tailor the treatment to the individual. Herbal remedies are usually given in the form of capsules, tinctures, or as a tea.

I offer advice and treatment for most health problems and have over 20 years experience specialising in natural hormone balancing using safe and effective natural hormone therapy.


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Herbal Medicine