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Emma Kemp
Tui Na Practitioner

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Emma has lived in Neston on the Wirral all her life. She loves the natural beauty and calm of the local area and spends much of her spare time walking in local woodlands or on the Marsh, taking in the sights and sounds.

Emma is a keen meditator and has been a member of the British Meditation Society for over 5 years and practices various forms of meditation, she finds this makes a significant difference to her perspective on life and especially in the way she approaches stressful situations.

She has previously struggled with Anxiety, exhaustion, chronic pain and inflammation and being generally overwhelmed by the pressures of modern day life. In 2017 she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but did not want to go down the road of multiple medications without looking at the alternative options first. This is where the Holistic Centre and particularly Andrew Woodhouse came to the rescue!

Having treatments of Massage, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, looking at what role diet plays in health and herbal supplements Emma was able to address some of the root causes of her symptoms, she was then able to work to balance her body’s systems without the need for medications such as painkillers and antidepressants.

Work History

Emma has worked in the care sector for over 23 years, working with the elderly and more recently with adults with Autism in a Performing Arts environment. As well as enjoying the freedom to express herself through Music, Dance and Drama she really enjoyed helping others to do the same, let go and most importantly to have fun. Emma also has a particular interest in hyper and hypo sensitivities and often used touch and pressure to help her clients to relax, which in turn helped the individuals to be able to remain calm in challenging environments, take in new information and learn how to cope in daily life.

When Emma first saw a Tui Na demonstration on an individual with Autism she knew that this was something worth pursuing. The effect of human contact (working with the energy channels to balance the body’s Systems), linked with the personal benefits gained from her own experience of these treatments, is a powerful combination..
Emma attended the Shulan college of Chinese Medicine and studied alongside Andrew Woodhouse (osteopath) in 2018, who gave her the opportunity to learn and practice whilst working at the Holistic Centre as a receptionist.

Emma’s enthusiasm is infectious and she has a genuine passion for relieving pain & suffering and helping people to gain a sense of calm in a unpredictable world as she believes that simple human needs are often not being met in todays busy world.

A full case history is taken on the first appointment to establish the imbalances in the body. This includes a series of health questions, tongue diagnosis, pulse reading, palpation and observation to name but a few. Depending on the diagnosis, fire cupping or moxa may be advised alongside the Tui Na session.




















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